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I would watch/read/fangirl the hell out of this !!

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Freakin awesome guys. Show me where the fic is please!

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This is amazing. I would totally read or watch this.

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I want this to be real.

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Ho-lee smokes this is SO epic.

I don’t even how I can thank you enough for all these kind, sweet, magic comments !

Thank You for even just look at these little crazy idea that we had together Streepytime and I

Your support is priceless, i don’t know yet if we’ll do more than this but if we do, be sure you’ll know it. I, we (i think Streepytime will be agree with me on this point) didn’t expected at all that people will love it ! We did this for our own pleasure but seing all your reaction make this even more magical that it was for us when we start. 

I don’t even know what to say seriously ! THANK YOU ! That’s mean more than you think. 

The Rizzles Fandom is simply the best Fandom i know ! You’re the best guys, I LOVE YOU all ♥

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  1. yourlittleharmonicaishammered a dit : You both are so awesome and I wish I knew people as awesome as you in real life. Keep being the awesome people that you are.
  2. myopicfacination a dit : I’m not sure why you are thanking us for the two of you being awesome. Because that is what you both are. Awesome.
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